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Contact: Eric Thomas, Building Inspector, Zoning Administrator and Code Enforcement

Phone: 662-538-4108


Address: P.O. Box 56 (101 W Bankhead Street), New Albany, MS  38652




The City of New Albany has a Sign Ordinance, which is strictly enforced, prior to placement of any sign, banner, or other type of outside advertisement you should check with the building inspector.

Signage Information

Municipal Code

Cilck here to view the municipal code.

Building Codes

2018 International Building Code
2017 National Electric Code
2018 International Fire Code

2018 International Residential Code

2018 International Residential Code 
2018 International Mechanical Code
2018 International Plumbing Code
ICC A117.1-2017 Standard for Accessible

Please contact the building department for full amendments to these codes.

Permit Guide

Anyone doing any type of construction work (building, electrical, plumbing, hvac, or gas) within the city shall be licensed and bonded with the City of New Albany.

New Home

The contractor is required to have a Minimum Residential Builders License. Present two complete sets of drawings that include; Site plan including location of all existing buildings, proposed buildings, driveways, fences, and all setbacks of proposed buildings from property lines. Floor plan. Plumbing plan. Electrical plan, including service and distribution panel locations. Foundation layout with typical footing section. Drawing of typical wall, ceiling joist, and roof sections, including bracing spans and all beams. Elevation of land if property is located in flood prone area. Total project cost. (If price of construction is extremely low, the building inspector may ask for a copy of the contract or use a base square footage price to determine the permit fee. The name, current mailing address and telephone number of the property owner. A Mississippi Certified Architect or Engineer must stamp all plans for buildings four (4) stories or more and all buildings of seven thousand five hundred feet or more. When plans have been reviewed and approved by the building official one copy of the plans will be returned to the contractor with the permits. This copy of the plans will be marked with corrections and stamped by the building inspector. This marked copy of the plans must be kept on the job site at all times.


Additional requirements may be required for commercial construction the building inspector will specify any additional requirements on initial interview on the proposed building.


Two sets of drawings are necessary to obtain a remodeling permit, the building inspector will determine how detailed these drawings must be following an interview with the client.

Miscellaneous Information

The property owner who desires to construct, repair, or alter his own (residence) that he or she owns and lives in is not required to be licensed but is still required to have permits and conform to all building codes city and International Code Council. For more information contact the building inspector.


Permits are required to cut trees within the city limits.


If you plan any alterations to your property that may affect drainage in any way to include cutting trees, filling low areas, excavation you must contact the building inspector and obtain a permit.


The building inspector also handles the zoning in New Albany including zoning questions, applications for variances, subdivision of property, setbacks and all zoning inquires.

SFIA Flood Prone Areas

A permit is required to work in flood prone areas. Prior to a permit being issued an elevation certificate must be presented to the building and permit office.


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