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New Albany Sustainability Advisory

The New Albany Sustainability Advisory’s roots began with New Albany’s Beautification Committee. The original Beautification Committee was an effort by a group to beautify the city and improve its overall upkeep and appearance. Members were selected by each alderman from his or her ward plus the alderman at large. Therefore, the committee had 5 members, plus the mayor, an alderman representative, and the Main Street Director, Carrie Weeden.  

The committee structure has remained the same, though different people and aldermen have come and gone. When Sam Creekmore joined the committee, he recommended the scope of the BC expand to include sustainability.  We constructed a mission and vision statement, received approval from the city council and have vastly accelerated our efforts with projects that changed the landscape of the town and enhanced a sustainable environment, plus our community has greatly improved.

The Vision of the New Albany Sustainability Advisory is to ensure a sustainable, healthy,

and prosperous community for the current and future generations.

The Mission of the New Albany Sustainability Advisory is to conserve, manage, and enhance the beauty

of the community through practical planning that manages resources wisely and protects historical values while supporting the ecological, economic, and social needs of the community.

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